Happy Thanksgiving

There are many reasons Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. You probably guessed it. The food, right? Yep! I enjoy that mouth-watering turkey, the baked macaroni and cheese, and my favorite is the stuffing. But wait, I will not leave out the collard greens. You get the picture. However, there is something much more than than … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving

Poem unforgettable

I treasure life's seconds with you; you're all I think of. In the tender moments of embrace, we shared love. Under the crackling sounds in the fireplace. I gently kissed her upon your shoulder, and it's love that I tasted. Love, I thought to myself, where do I begin as I savor the taste of … Continue reading Poem unforgettable

Breaking The Writer’s Silence

Have you ever felt the weight of the world on your shoulders before? It disturbs everything you do. It attacks your creativity, your peace of mind, your sense of calm, and keeps you unbalanced. Let's face it, you are not at your best, are you? What do you do when there is so much pressure … Continue reading Breaking The Writer’s Silence

Poetry Friday’s

Out of the ashes a phoenix rise.With sunsets and butterflies.with oceans so vast and sunsets that don't last.From humble beginnings emerge a soul. Life. Like the caterpillar that slides upon the earth.Until their transformation, ever so bold.We witness a rebirth. Life. From the moment our eyes open wide, to theinadequacies we try to hide. to … Continue reading Poetry Friday’s

How do you express your gratitude?

Daily writing promptHow do you express your gratitude?View all responses I express gratitude the moment I open my eyes by thanking God for allowing me to see another day with all my senses and a clear mind. I thank you him for being the almighty God that he is. I thank him for my family, … Continue reading How do you express your gratitude?

Finding Purpose After Loss Is Difficult

It's has been three months since my wife has passed and I am trying to find my way and do something meaningful that has substance. Writing has always been a passion of mine and sort of an outlet to share with you, my reader various thoughts, ideas, and sometimes what is simply on my mind. … Continue reading Finding Purpose After Loss Is Difficult