The Disconnected Message

Design your own destiny through deliberate action.

Too often, we may believe there is a road we are supposed to travel in life, to find later we were wrong.  Has that ever happened to you?  You knew in your heart that you were supposed to do something or even felt compelled to do something.  All to find later, it was the wrong move, it was the wrong choice.   What in the world happened?  I believe there is a message planted in each one of us.  Some may call it a calling, destiny, in any event, somehow we may have ignored it or believed at the time it was not right because it appeared to be impossible.

The Planted Seed

The seed that was planted and left in us to germinate somehow was disconnected from our belief system.  The noise of disbelief snuffed out the message that God wanted us to hear.  Therefore, we were left up to our own devices to press forward in the belief that the path we were on was correct.  How far from the truth could we be? Sometimes we may want a thing so badly that we believe it is the right path or right thing to do.   Have you ever heard someone say – “I can’t get a break?”  It is like everything they do is not working for them whatsoever.

Understanding The Right Move

How can we turn it around?  How can we have that life-transforming moment that affirms we are on the right path.  The path that we were originally intended to be on ordained by God? I believe if what you are doing is not working, change your plan of approach.  Have you ever tried on a pair of gloves before?  If so, you may have tried on several pairs before you found the pair of gloves that fit just right.  How did you know?  They felt good, it felt right, and as you moved your fingers while inside the glove, it complemented your movements.  You have to try several approaches until it starts to work or until it feels right.  When you decide apprehensively because it may not feel right, you choose to go against your gut feeling.  That may be a sign it will not work.

Whenever I go against the grain, so to speak, about anything I have tried, it never works.  However, if you never try and decide to stay on the sideline, you have just failed.   What comes naturally to you is a good hint it may be that something you should explore?  Do you find it easy to talk with others?  Do you find it easy to understand technical journals where others don’t have a clue?  Does it come naturally to figure out how things work?  You have to investigate yourself to find what comes naturally and test ideas to connect the source of inspiration to make things happen in your favor.

If you don’t have anything that comes naturally, that is ok too.   All that means is you have to investigate and try different things out until you find something that clicks for you.  One way to do this is to pick up different magazines or surf the web for new activities you have never tried before.

The number one idea to help you find the seed you were born with is reading a great deal.   It may not sound like fun, but anything worthwhile having requires work.  Just think of all the benefits that come with searching through reading.

The Benefits Of Reading

  1. You will build your vocabulary and comprehension.
  2. Your conversations with other people will be more engaging.
  3. By reading, you will acquire new ideas and inspiration.
  4. Reading is a great way to relax before going asleep.
  5.  When reading books, you will be to explore the possibilities of what could be possible for you.

As humans, we were all given a measure of attributes that render us unique.  For some people, it is apparent, and for others, it is a mystery to be explored and solved.  Do you want to find out what is at the core of your self-being?  Connect with yourself on a deeper level and find what it is you stand for.  Question your values, desires, point of view, and your everyday thoughts.  Challenge yourself to no longer accept the status quo of your everyday life.  Instead, be inspired by the possibilities of what life has to offer and connect with that positive message.  After you find your answer, take MASSIVE ACTION!

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Learning Something New Part 2

In an effort to becoming a all around marketer and better blogger. I decide to learn some new skills to propel my journey further than ever before. Coursera learning platform has given me hope to know that I too can gain the quality skills to become better at what I do, and that is telling a story that needs to be told through marketing.

In my previous blog post I mentioned I wanted to learn something new and what better skill to learn in my line of work than marketing. I have to admit, marketing is like my nemeses. I could not grasp the process and my old ways of thinking was not working. That is why I decided to update my skills and learn new methods of making things happen the right way.

What others find easy, I found so difficult to understand let alone do. However, now, I see there is a process and once you start learning the process it provides clarity on how to proceed, how to market, the who, what, when, why, and how. In my last blog post I posted a picture of my first certificate and today I am happy to post the completion of my second course of 7 of the Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate.

Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce course.
This is my first completed Google Marketing certificate.

I know I have a long road to fully acquiring a world renown marketing skills. But you don’t become great over night. You have to first learn the basics and foundation from which to build upon.

Google Attract and Engage Customers with digital marketing.
This is the second Google Marketing certificate I captured.

I Decided To Learn Something New

Yes! I wanted to learn some new skills that I can put into action with what I am already doing. I decided I wanted to become better at blogging, better at marketing and better at writing. So, since I have an online store at selling hoodies I create. I thought it would be great to learn digital marketing.

There are more businesses entering into the online space than ever before. Marketing in my opinion is an invaluable skill to have. More importantly, it can really help me understand how to reach a broader audience and learn about different markets. Another benefit associated with learning digital marketing will be to help others along the way as well.

I will keep you updated on my journey with learning digital marketing as it progresses. I just finish the first of seven courses and look forward to finishing the entire program. But for now I will take the win for starting and finishing the first course, learning the foundation.

I was always an avid reader and love learning new things. However, sometimes I will read and not apply it in real life scenarios, depending on what it is. Lately though, I have a knack for learning and applying the newly gained knowledge immediately. This I have learn is fare more exciting then just reading about something. I am on my way to becoming a better marketer. This is a new testament to my blog name motivated to be fit, mind, body, and spirit.

The Power of Vision

Where will you be in the future?

I once read; “The greatest gift ever given to mankind is not the gift of sight but the gift of vision.” The ability to see and believe what others cannot.

The bible says; “now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1.

Have you ever seen an artist start to paint or draw? In the beginning you can’t tell where there going with their design. However, you are amazed at the end result once they have finished. It’s funny because you had no clue what they were drawing or how it was going to turn out until the middle or the finished product. The artist envisioned their end result and have already seen what they wanted you to see once they have finished.

The importance of asking yourself questions that invoke thought

That is the same with our life. Where are you going? Where do you see yourself in the next five, ten, or twenty years from now? What vision for your life do you have? Think about the questions presented here. It’s nothing new you haven’t heard before. However, I want you to think about it now to see if your vision aligns with your reality.

There are scores of individuals throughout the world who cannot answer these questions with conviction or any certainty. However, on the other hand, you have thousands of people who dare to answer these questions with empty hope. Their answers are not predicated on the foundation filled with true vision, belief, dedication, backed by persistent action to achieve the very goal they set out to accomplish. Then you have a small percentage of individuals who defy all odds and what they say comes to pass and more.

Ancient writings say; “where there is no vision the people perish.” That is a powerful statement that shares relevance in everyone lives. We all should ponder, to think, even meditate daily about what we want out of life. Revisit our goals and aspirations weekly to make sure our actions align with our vision.

How far can vision take you?

Vision allows you to see with your heart and mind what you cannot see with your eyes. True vision enables you to step through the doorway of time into the future and view what your belief, dedication, persistence, hard work, conviction will produce if you do not falter.

I will leave you with this question; What is your full potential? Let me answer it for you; UNLIMITED!!!

I am inspired to bring content that will impact one’s life in a way to make a quality change in their life, or improve it in some fashion or way. If I have helped one person I know we both have been blessed.

Jesus once said; “feed my sheep.”

I hope I have done that here today. By inspiring someone to take a look at their own life with a new vision that will effect a positive change that will not only benefit themselves, but all that come in contact with them.

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Short Term Disability

Did you know Short-Term Disability covers conditions like; Arthritis
Heart Disease, Diabetes, and even pregnancy?  Short-Term Disability is great if your company only offers long-term disability. Meaning if you got injured or sick you would have to wait six months before your long-term policy kick in.


As an Aflac Benefit Consultant I can’t stress enough how important it is to take a look at supplemental insurance policies that can enhance what you already receive from your employer. Short-Term Disability can only be acquire through your employer. If your company don’t offer Aflac maybe it’s time to insist they do.

If you would like to learn more about Aflac and all they have to offer you can do that at their website at:

If you would like to learn about the individual products for yourself and live in the state of Texas I would be more than happy to have a conversation with you.

Motivated to be fit is about taken care of the body, mind, spirit, and soul. However, should always be prepare to take care of the body in other areas.

I love free

Do you love getting quality things or services for free? I know I do. I enjoy it when I am an excellent frequent patron of an establishment, and the manager or owner says it’s on the house. Here’s the deal: I am a regular regardless of what the manager or owner thinks; I just love what they have or really enjoy, the service, and sometimes the atmosphere.

So, the manager or owner recognizes me as a frequent patron with good cheers and a smile. So, in reality, they don’t have to do anything, and I will still be there spending my hard-earned money in exchange for the gratification I get from great products and or services.

When you sweetened the deal with “Free!” I am all in, and they have just made my day. What about you? I am one of those people who believe that a good fortune is a circular event. What goes around comes around.

I not only enjoy receiving free things. I am over the hill with joy from giving more than receiving. That gratification I receive from providing a helping hand, my time and knowledge money cannot buy.

What do you like or would like to receive for free? Be honest. I want to know. Nothing is more satisfying than a free quality course in something I am interested in learning. I enjoy tech gadgets and how-to information the most.

If you had it your way, what is the one thing you would love to learn? Let’s get off-topic and digress a little. If money was not an object, what is the one thing you would love to know or learn? I find that question a little ambiguous. Nevertheless, I asked that question, and I am interested in someone to answer it because I find it challenging to do so.

free free free

Back to the topic at hand. Free!!! We establish it’s great receiving something for free. I would like to know from you, my reader. Have you given anything away lately? If so, what? Was it your time? Money? Who doesn’t like to receive money? However, keep in mind you can give away something as simple as a compliment or smile. What about your undivided attention by being there in the moment to someone who just wants you to listen.

Jump Start The Morning

How do you start your morning? Better yet, what is your morning ritual? Is it with prayer? With a shower, workout, or a quiet morning of meditation? What you do in the morning is the foundation for your day. So wouldn’t it make sense to ground yourself with the very activity that will help provide you with the ability to make clear conscience and ethical decisions?

Doing a quick twenty-minute workout can provide you with the energy needed to navigate the high altitude of the day. However, meditation for fifteen minutes can bring you peace and tranquility to help provide calm in your day filled with turbulence and pressure.

You can help navigate the day you will have a provide the pre-activities to help prepare for what lies ahead. If you are privy to the day you might have, do the thing that will help lay the proper foundation for handling the type of day you anticipate having.

Amazing t-shirts to walk around in,
Have your morning Cup Of Coffee. morning cup with faith.

What good book are you reading right now?

I find it amazing how simple it is to be wholly immersed in a good read. Don’t you? Wait, I am assuming you love to read. If you don’t, that’s ok. I am not judging here. There are times when I do get a little down and will not pick up a book but take to the television and binge watch some show. However, for the most part, I enjoy reading and writing.

Reading allows me to see the writer’s point of view on a certain perspective on a particular topic or life in general. I love the WordPress platform, and as long as they keep growing and evolving, I see myself being a part of this platform for a very long time.

Why the question in my headline? I am interested in building a mastermind group interested in changing their life through the power of learning new skills and concepts via reading an excellent instructional book. There are thousands of books from which to start. So how do you know what book to begin with? That is a great question. I guess that depends on what areas in your life you would like to make changes to first.

Who is up for a challenge?

I am willing to start right where you are at. But, I am looking for a few good people ready to take their lives to the next level. Someone who will be dedicated to their cause to make the sacrifices that come with exiting the comfort zone in their life. Are you that person?

It doesn’t matter what age bracket you are in. Young or seasoned, it does not matter. The only thing that matters is you. So please reach out to me, and let’s have fun changing our lives together. @ or right here on this platform, you can reach out to me via email. Also, please share with me the book you are currently reading. I genuinely am interested in knowing. Thanks for your time, and have a great day!

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Leaving a Legacy Behind

Everyone loves differently; however, the common denominator is love. We cherish the moments that take out breath away. We cherish the smiles and the laughter that we shared throughout the day.

Our loved ones are dear to our hearts, and there are moments we wait in anticipation of seeing them again because of the time that elapsed while we were apart.

Through the lens of life, we see how much we genuinely care for our loved ones and want to leave a legacy behind. So when we’re no longer here, the footprints of our act of love will stand the test of time.

David Burton
Texas License Agent
Cell: 214-518-9934

Children’s Wholelife Insurance;

My Last Breath

There I was, sitting all alone.  Then, it dawned on me. I have no one in this world left, but me.  Lonely in this world bound by the ocean of my own despairs. Inundated with thoughts of my own fears, drowning in the great lakes of my tears. 

I sit alone because no one knows I even exist.   Lost in the darkness of the abyss with an airless atmosphere I suffocate with no air to breathe.  Anxiously, grasping franticly for air. I see the people walk past me, but they just don’t care, as I struggle to breathe.

I witness my life before my very own eyes playing as if it were a motion picture.  Drinking the elixir of life as I took it for granted. Holding my chest, eyes bulging as I try to expand my lungs to breathe in air. I have seen the angel of death with a grin on his face as he said, you can try to escape all you want, but you crossed over to the land where no one cares.

Sip on the anguish of death for that is your fate here.  I remember, thinking, how could I cheat death or tell the angel of death I’ll be late and avoid this inevitable fate. 

See, I realize the devil has a way of bringing up everything you have done wrong in life so you can wallow away in self-pity.  So, you can say to yourself “there is no hope for me.”

But Darkness is just the absence of light, the devil is the great deceiver, just hang on to God’s word and follow the light.  I rebuke you, devil, in the name of Jesus I said, good try, But I’m not ready to die tonight.

I thought I gave all that I can give.  Then I realized at the moment of my death I wanted to live.  How could I become so confused and weighed down with such hopelessness?  I have so much to live for, so much to be thankful for. 

But this is the moment I confess and contest to all I am a fallen saint who lost his way.  So, I pray to God to fill the void in my heart, cleanse my spirit, and wash me whiter than snow.

Dear Lord, please hear me when I pray.  As I give thanks for the air that I breathe, for the family I have left. I received a reprieve for the moment and put one finger up at the devil as I cheated death.

I continue to fight as I walked in the light with the breastplate of salvation.  Keeping my mind, spirit, and soul in the elevations of heavenly thoughts instead of wallowing in the dungeons of vexation and frustration. 

I can hear my sister Lucia say, “Hey kid keep on giving and living”.  Thanks for reading this poem “My Last Breath”.

Bringing light to depression and mental illness.

There is help if you are going through something, you don’t have to go through it alone.

Mathew 11:29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

Resources that may help;
SAMHSA = Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Helpline 1-800-662-4357. Their website:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255.

Suicide and Crisis Center

Your situation may seem bleak right now, but it is not the end. You may feel that your world is turned upside down and there is no hope but there is. If you can be brave and find the courage to just reach out and ask for help you will find it.

If this message touched one life it was worth the time it took to put it together.

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Thank you. Have a great Day!