Never Giving Up!!!

There are times I wake up and the laziness in me tries to persuade myself there are other things I could be doing instead of going to the gym causing my body to feel pain, sweating or wasting gas.  However, the part of me that wants nothing more to become fit and to lose the extra baggage keeps going back because the desire live heathier far outweighs the laziness in me.

I realize there have been people who have done this before me.  I am not trying to reinvent the wheel or challenge myself to become the first to attempt something that has never been done before.  I am challenging the inner me to improve upon something that has been dormant for some time now.  The will and desire of a person are the keys to unlock the drive and passion within one’s mind, heart, spirit and soul.

It’s not that we could never be satisfied with where we are or what we have.  I believe the light in all of us challenges us to become better individuals, to become better, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, to become better employees, employers, and overall better individuals.  That’s why I can’t give up or give in.

“I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” 

 John 10:10.

 I chose to live more abundantly, every day I choose to become better, more healthier and will strive to build my will power to make healthier food choices, to becoming a better person.  I choose not to be naïve but kind, not to be week but strong, I choose to not to merely exist but to live life with passion and joy with the capacity that I will be able to share it with others and invite you to take stock in your own life to see if there are any changes you can make to improve upon.

Why?  It’s simple, and I will some it all up here; Faith, Hope, & Charity.

The greatest of all these is Charity.   I wish to give back.  I was given the gift and spirit to communicate, to write to you as I share my journey with you it’s in the hopes that I can be an inspiration to you.  Ifencouraging-quotes-daily I have only inspired one person then it was not in vain.

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