Digging Deep

This morning I needed to seek internal strength to move past feeling sick. Asthma was bothering me and anyone who has asthma knows it’s not a pretty picture when you can’t breathe. The first thing I did was say my prayers and once I was done with my prayers.

I mustard enough strength to get dress and head to the gym. What!! The gym you said. That’s insane!!! I know! Once I arrived at the gym I started working out very slowly and knew I would leave early but at least I can say I went and tried. I had no energy whatsoever. I started talking to a friend and saw what they were pushing, six forty-five pound plates, three on each side and my friend said to his colleague, “I’m trying to get like him” he was talking about being like me.

At that moment something in me said “you want be a victim of sickness today, you have work to do!” There I was with what I thought was no strength to becoming a beast on the bench and out did what I would normally do on a day that I feel great.

I share this with you not to impress you but to impress upon you that determination and will power will get you far but when it’s time to dig in deep it’s our reason why that will carry us over the finish line. I said this time and time before, it’s our reason for the cause that will be our wings that will facilitate our flight to victory.

Dig deep with no retreat!

As always, thank you for reading my post. I hope it will inspire you to press forward when you feel you cannot please know that it is in you to succeed. Have a Blessed day!5403e50c068d3c8b8e5932d0830c4dd6IMG_20141217_121057

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