I Believe In You

You know, I believe in many things and have faith in so much that I never really gave it thought to just how much faith I have in things. Let me explain; I take it for granted that I will wake up in the morning and go about my day. Sure I awake in the morning and the first thing I do is give thanks to my God for allowing me to rise and be blessed to use all my faculties. I go about my morning routine and when I’m done I get in my car and have faith it will get me to destination A and B without incident. I take it you do too.

I believe all drivers do. It’s not as if we wake up anticipating something bad will happen. We go on the assumption all will be ok, or we believe or have faith that we will get to destination A and back without anything incidents occurring. For the most part nothing happens. Or perhaps it does. We believe, have faith, or assume we will be successful in the drive that it becomes second nature and we drive without giving it thought because we are sure in our ability not only to drive well enough four ourselves but through our experience driving we have become skilled enough to drive defenselessly to avoid disaster or an accident as best we can.

Think about this for a moment. When you first started driving you weren’t confident, you were apprehensive about certain maneuvers, a little on edge and excited but as time passed on you were in your groove and comfortable driving by yourself and with others.
If you can give that much faith, trust and belief in driving you can do that with anything you desire to do or be in life. You can become what every you want, achieve the impossible and like driving, at first you will be uncomfortable, uncertain, and perhaps a little afraid. However, if you keep striving to be all that God intended you to be you will discover you were created to do extraordinary things in life that you would had never imagine if you did not decide to get behind the wheel of life and drive to your ultimate destination of success. I believe in you, do you believe in you? Make sure you signal to the right lane that lead to your success today!

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