Taking A Step Back

There are many qualities we possess and one quality intrigues me a great deal. One of those qualities that shapes us as human beings is the profound ability to always seek a satisfaction of something or someone. Whether it’s sitting in front of the television going mentally numb, or pulling all your resources together and trying to achieve what you thought at one time was clearly impossible for you to accomplish.

I have met a couple of strangers and ask, “If you had it to do all over again, what one thing in your life would you change? And why?” Some people without blinking rattled off what they would have changed and some gave great thought and answer very carefully. Never have I asked this question online but thought let me give it a world and go for it just in case someone here was brave enough to answer.

Last question, what are you most proud of outside of your kids, occupations, family and friends?
I would like to open a dialogue and engage you.

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