Release The Brakes!

0b0abd073f5291579c3bcc64377cd466We have all experience many things in our past good and bad.  Somehow our brain always gravitate to the memory of more bad.   It’s the way we are wired.  We have to give extra effort to keep more good than bad.  This is the same when it’s time to excel in certain things or aspects of our lives and when we come close to the experience of any limitation which caused a negative connotation or memory we tend to put the brakes on because of the limitations we experience in the past.   Today think outside of the box and raise the roof on your limitations or simply believe you can surpass all your limits, goals and aspirations and when you do I am certain you will discover something extraordinary about yourself.

Today was one of those defining moments for me.  I was on the treadmill and my goal is to be able to run and for a long time I could only run for thirty seconds because of what I felt and what I was telling myself because of what I felt.  When I was running and come close to thirty seconds I would develop this pain in my chest and sometimes the pain can be unbearable.  I would start coughing and what appeared to choking, then I would stop and resort to walking.

Today for some odd reason I decide to tell myself something different.  I decided that I can do more, run further, and feel no pain.  To my surprise I was able to run for a full two minutes in intervals for seven times.  It’s so important that we recognize when to let go of the brakes in our lives so that we can achieve more and realize these limits are critical to erase.  Whether it’s financial, academically, physically, or in any other area of our lives.  If we want to experience extraordinary results we have to do extraordinary things.

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