It’s Official My First Day Back In The Gym!!!

It’s OFFICIAL!!! Today was the first day back in the gym!  Although I am not at 100% but I am working on it. Three long grueling weeks of anticipation of putting my body through exhausting pain staking, heart pounding muscle building, and fat burning regiment sounds INSANE! Right!  But, I love every minute of what it will achieve in the end.  I am not going to feel sorry for the time I have lost.  I am only going to focus on what I can achieve by staying in the game.  Making it happen, seeing the how I want to look, feel and all the lessons I can learn in the journey. inspirational-quote-success-john-wooden

I guess the key thing here is, I believe in me when no one else will, I believe I can do all things possible through Christ who strengthens me.  Sickness will grab a hold of me sometimes and knock me down but it’s up to me to believe and have faith that I was healed by his stripes and by the power of the almighty.

In the end, I will fight for what I believe in and for what I ultimately want.

Be bless, be focused, be different and scale the sky of success only the way that you can. Remember no body can bring like you can.

Be Extraordinary, life others, be sincere, and most of all be your better self.

Good day to you.

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