I Was Only Fooling My Self

Today was my second day back in the office working things out when a thought came to mind.  I have been claiming to be in this to win it, when in reality I was only fooling myself.  Sure, I cut out a few thing only to hang on to some bad things.   But if I really want lose weight effectively and safely.  I have to be dedicated not only to the gym but even more so to what I ingest.  There you have it! Transparency! The truth is, I didn’t want to give up my fried chicken and sweets.   Today! I am saying good bye to fried foods and as far as sweets, I found an alternative, Fiber one snack which are only 90 calories.

As always I thank you for reading my post and wish you a super extraordinary day!

If you have some great ideas please share them with me.  Thanks in advance!!!k2-_10cb00a3-c221-406c-8cd2-ac752c6ca6c9.v1

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