Stop Breathe and Release

Taking time to meditate.  We live in a noise fill world where things are constantly competing for our immediate attention.  There we are processing thousands of thoughts in record breaking time.  Family, friends, employment, business, events, vacations, and we even think of others and their situations.

This is truly amazing and for some, it can even be overwhelming.  I have a quick suggestion if I may, STOP, BREATHE, AND RELEASE!

Take time out, get to a quiet place and meditate.  This will help rejuvenate you like you will not believe.

Everyone needs rest at some point and perhaps if you are feeling a little overwhelmed it could be you just need to stop and take time to reflect, regroup, and stabilize your mental state.   God even rested on the seventh day.  So why are you in overdrive?  Taking care of yourself physically is great however, what good is the body without the mind?  Go for the total package, SPIRITUAL, mind, Body, and

Thanks for reading my message.  I write this in the hopes that It touches someone, uplift and inspire you to take action so that you can be at your best in every aspect of your life.  Reach for the stars, strive to be your very best and be BLESSED.

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