Every day that I head to the gym I go with the anticipation I am going to become better than yesterday.  In other words, I am going to outperform my best, rise to the occasion and push myself beyond the limits to surpass my very best.  Through the aches and pain that tries to derail my efforts.   Through the cramps and sudden scares that come with increased intensity while working out.  Through the sweat and yes, nearly tears I come to realize one thing.  When you find that special thing in your life that you become so passionate about that you become obsessed with achieving and all you can do is talk about it all the time that is consumes your every thought with the capacity to drive you to continue to reach and develop to be your very best.

Or perhaps your subconscious mind takes over and you dream about it when you sleep and day dream about it when you are awake.  That thing in your life that has you searching the vast highway of information researching, comparing, and discovery innovative methods that can assist you in creating something so spectacular that no matter what obstacles arise; you surmount them with precision determination to never stop focusing on the end result, you indeed have found your passion.

Never let go of it! Feed it, nourish it and let is fester.    Get around people who will support you, mentally, physically and who will challenge you to not succumb to mediocre as you languish in a familiar safe zone of life.  Get around people who will spark the flame of passion so you can discover your true potential.  I believe life supports what we accept.  Therefore, accept nothing short of your very best every day and watch life support your achievements of success.

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