Wake Up Call

The Wake Up Call

There I was struck by sharp pains in my chest with a million thoughts racing through my mind. At first, a sense of calmness because of course, it’s something simple. Than within minutes I was gripped by sheer panic as the pain was increasing with every pulsating moment.

With no signs of relief in site I notice it was getting harder to breathe. Bent over gasping for air, my wife jumped to her feet with heighten concern and motioned me to take a nitroglycerin and put it under my tongue in the hopes it will help. When that did not work my wife raced me to Baylor Hospital in Dallas.

I was admitted into the hospital instantly to my surprise the staff moved with precise swiftness by taking blood to check enzymes, and subjecting me to a battery of test that came back negative except with some irregularities in my heart. The second day I was in the hospital they also notice that my left lung was more damaged then the right.

The first thing the doctors indicated I should let them put a stint in one of my arteries. I don’t know about you, but although I was concern and did not know what was happening to me. I will not be moved by fear and agree to the first thing on the chopping block.

We must not make decisions in haste but look at all the facts and make a well informed decision before we get cut open. Especially when you cannot tell me with any ounce of certainty what might be the source of the discomfort I was feeling.

To make a long store short, I still have to go for a follow up which I will do. I still feel somewhat of a the discomfort and will get more than a third opinion. However, as I was laying in the hospital bed I realize life is what we make it. Since this is the case what are we waiting for? I say life is to short to live it just to pay bills, just to get by, or to be miserable, wishing there was a better day or even a better way.

Why not take stock in one self and find what really ignites your passion and fight for it, live for it, go for it and ultimately never give up on it. You are so special to the world and it’s your time to shine. Let us see your light. I want to get to know you. What is your passion? What mark would you like to leave in this world? How would you like to be remembered?

My life was lived through trial and error with more errors than I care to admit. However, knowing that someone has already died for me, and bared my sins and the sins of the world upon his shoulders. So I might live and live life more abundantly. And that is what I intend to do!!! Period.

I know this was lengthy but if you read through this entire article I want to thank you. May your life be a joyous one filled with love and joy, may you be blessed with good health. May God open the windows of heaven for you in your family that there may not be room enough to receive his mighty goodness. I thank you again for you have inspired me to continue to carry out my dream and passion. That is to inspire others.

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