New Year Updated Strategy

I am just going to get right to the point.  I failed at getting the results I wanted last year.  However, I did not quit.  I am still at it.  Instead of losing I have gained back some of the pounds that I lost and holding at my current weight of 277lbs.  Granted I was 305lbs in March of 2016 and void never to get to that weight again.  Losing 28lbs is noting compare to the 100lbs I was aiming for.

I will not back down and only get better at what I do.  I continue to go to the gym three to four days a week when time permits and that is why I am probably hold on to the 28lbs loss.  This year I must get real and face facts about my eating habits.  It’s insane, I am a see food junkie.  I see it and if it smells good, looks good, I got to have it.  All kidding aside I love to eat and must learn some new and exciting ways to eat good food that will help me continue to lose when I am out of the gym.

That is what I will work on this year.  That’s all for now.  Oh, visit my site


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