Amazing Workout

Alright, we all have a good workout most of the time, right?  But sometimes we find ourselves going above and beyond what we imagine ourselves doing.  Today was that day.  I could not believe what I accomplished today.  I started was with bench pressing ten sets of ten reps for one-hundred repetitions in total.  The bench press start was with two forty-five plates totaling 95lbs. Pyramiding up to 200lbs still doing 10 reps on the last three sets.

Treadmil Workout
Yesterday I I was able to stay on the treadmill for 28 minutes.

Then three sets of hammer curls, ten reps each.  After that, I performed lats pull-downs, three sets of ten.  Then, four sets of shoulder presses, 12 reps each.  I then topped the day off with forty minutes on the treadmill.

I know for a lot you out there that is not much at all.  But, to me, it was unbelievable.   I was hungry and a little tired to say the lease.  What I like about the treadmill is it helps me to breathe better.  I am asthmatic and for some reason ever since I started walking on the treadmill it has a good effect on my breathing.

Treadmill Workout
Today, I was able to do more than yesterday and last longer.

When you have gained weight like I have this accomplishment is amazing.  However, the real accomplishment that I am looking for, is the ability to eat healthier.  Once I achieve that, I will have accomplish something I have been trying for a long time.


Yes!  I am sore while typing this on my computer.  I want to bid you a good day and that you for reading my post and being a part of my journey in spirit.

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