Pressing Through The spirit of Laziness

Have you ever had that feeling when you feel so tired, you don’t feel like doing anything?  I had that feeling today.  All I did was run errands outside this morning, When I arrived back in the house, I read for several hours.  I then watched a show on tv for an hour and almost fell asleep.  Something inside of me knew I had to hit the gym and stay consistent.

Bench Press
I was just warming up about to do my ten sets of ten reps on the bench press.

Knowing and doing are altogether two different things.  It is amazing to me when the spirit of laziness tries to dominate me and take over.  That is when something inside of me will not let that spirit or feeling subdue me into being unproductive.

I have to go after it, I have to be determine to over-come and adapt.  I have to face adversity in the face, and say, “I will not be defeated, I will press forward and overcome my obstacles.”  You may not have to do this yourself and that’s great but, I have to continually push myself in everything I do.

Why?  Because, I find it easy to make excuses that appear at the time to be valid.  For example; there are times I feel I cannot hit the gym because of pain some where on my body.  That would be valid right?

Wrong.  Why?  It is simple, while feeling I can’t start because of pain some where on my body and I push through the pain and go to the gym and workout, I have some of my best workouts.  However, there are times when some pain is valid and we have to pay attention to it and heed it by being smart.

Today was not one of those days. I was able to push past the spirit of laziness and have a great workout while benching one of my best days.  I actually bench ten sets pyramiding up to 220lbs.  That felt great to reach that and topped off my workout on the treadmill for two miles.  Not bad!

However, I am only as good as my right now, the in the moment where we as gladiators of fitness display extraordinary results through our will, determination, and ultimate reason “WHY” we do what we do to obtain the results we seek.

So, whatever, your arena, continue to strive forward in life.  It may not look good now, you make not know how you will finish, you may not even see a way.  Trust in your self and God with all confidence and know you can do all thing through Christ Jesus.

Thanks for taking a moment out of your precious time to read my post.  I welcome you to join me on a journey of becoming a better person, mind, body, and spirit.  I also welcome you to follow me on instagram; 

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