Explosive Monday

Happy Monday to you.  I woke up this morning expecting today to be great.  I expect to rise above yesterday’s performance and accomplish more, inspire people through my actions, through my writings. Today, I will love more, be more, increase my spirituality and build a better relationship with God, family, and friends.  I will play hard while I work hard.   I will do all that I can to be a better person from the inside to the outside.Woman on Maui beach

My expectation grows with the capacity to be more than I have in the past.  Because, I have learned and continue to learn from my past what not to duplicate now, and throughout the future that was bad.  I want nothing short of prosperity in all aspects of the lives of all the people I come encounter with.

Having said this, Again, I wish you a FANTASTIC Monday.  Strive for you best today and treat others as you would want others to treat you, In person, and on the digital platform.  So, know that you are special and are here on purpose for a purpose.


john maxwell

Be All You Can Be!


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