Bench Press And Build Muscle

How can bench-pressing help you build muscle?  Bench-pressing helps exercise and stimulates many muscles groups.   The pectoral muscle group, which is the large muscle in the chest area.  However, there are several bench-pressing positions to activate both pectoral areas of the chest.

The pectoral major, (the top and middle section of the chest muscle area) and the pectoral minor, (the lower section of the chest area.)  You will also build up the biceps.  Depending on your hand position on the bar will determine the area of focus that will be activated the most.

For instance, the closer you hand position on the bar the more you are working on the biceps.  However, the position still working on the pectoral area too, it is just not heavenly concentrated for maximum growth, as it would if your hands were straight above the shoulders when laid back on the bench.

When you want to build strength in these muscle groups you can practice lifting heaving.  When you want to build definition, you lift with less weight but higher repetitions.  Bench-pressing also help build muscles in the forearms as well as the triceps.  If bench-pressing is performed correctly, it will help with your core a too.

The core is so important because a lot of your strength comes from your core area.  Don’t be afraid to hit the bench every now and then.    If you want to build deep density and symmetrical pectoral muscle incorporate a variety of chest exercises.  My person favorite if bench-pressing and pushups, with push-ups being the ultimate for me.


Wrist wraps for greater support when bench pressing.

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