Having a Light Bulb Moment About Health


Aside from the usual culprits that keep fat on me and keep me from losing weight.  Or, should I really say my lack of discipline?  Instead of pizza, hot dogs, or chicken, which are my go to food when I am out.  I was happy making a better choice today.  I had a no-fat vanilla yogurt that was truly taste amazingly good.


The decision to eat a healthier is becoming easier for me now more than ever before.  There comes a time in one’s life when they have a light bulb moment.  Perhaps it’s something they should have been doing all along, like me.  However, didn’t’ fully commit to the change or program until something changed.

Whatever that moment is for you, there is no doubt about it you will know.  Nothing else will matter to you but that one thing, the end result or goal.  I had that light bulb moment where I know if I truly want things to change, I have to be fully committed to that change that I want to be or see.

Results Don’t Lie

In the end when you look at the results, they will tell the true story of what really happen.  Not the fluff, or the charisma how you told a good story.  The mere facts in the end will be the absolute truth.  My math teacher always said to me; “the numbers don’t lie.”  It’s true you can say you have done one hundred pushups for ninety days straight, but it the results don’t show it, you haven’t performed as you claimed.

The Decision to Eat Healthier

Why now?  Why have I waited this long to change my eating habits?  It’s simple!  There was an event in the life of my family member who fell sick.  I am really all she has left out of direct siblings.  I left my home in Texas to be by her side in Connecticut, and to assist her anyway I can.

In doing so, I see and felt and still feel the pain, not only for my sister, but the family members of so many other families as well.  I always knew life was precious, however, it took on a new meaning for me.  Suddenly, I could see the decisions in my own health has to change.


Your Decision, Who Does It Benefit?

It’s your decision to take care of yourself, no one else’s.  However, if you have family, your choice not to take care of yourself can be construed to be a bit selfish.   Your family is counting on you to be there for the years to come and if you don’t take care of yourself, you could be shortening you time with them.  There is something else that is critical.  Being a roll model for your children and all who may look up to you.  If they see how hard, important it is to take care of one’s self it may rub off on them as well.

Talking from Experience

Talking from experience is what I am doing here.  Keeping these simple ideas in mind, helps me to stay focus.  It’s true what I said earlier about having a light bulb moment.  I was one of those selfish people who really didn’t thing about longevity as far as health was concern.  It was always about the grind.  Continuing with training at work, while learning new things outside of work to improve my income.  When tragedy strikes within your family.  All of a sudden you have a different perspective on things.

You see life for what it truly is, PRECIOUS!!!

I hope you have walked away with some thoughts about your own life after reading this.  Perhaps there are changes you would like to make in your own life.  The time to start making plans to change is RIGHT NOW!!!

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