Getting Focused To Lose More Weight

Losing Motivated to be fitweight for me has never been an easy task physically or mentally.  I see the results of so many people on the internet who have achieve fantastic results and are ecstatic by their new look.  Seeing other people achieve such astonishing results makes me want to achieve them too.   Most of all, I want to have that new look I can be proud of as well.

I don’t believe in diets to lose weight safely and overall, consistently to keep the weight off.  However, I do believe in a change in lifestyle is what makes all the difference in one’s success.  For the better part of five years, I wanted to do this all on my own.  So, I read many journals on eating healthy and tried changed some of my eating habits, only to find my weakness for certain food groups are harder to give up than others.  My love for cookies has been my down fall for years.

My love for fried foods was enormously insane.  I practically fried everything or microwaved everything I ate.  Always being on the go and working two jobs.  My choices and time to sit down and eat right never seem to be an option.

Tragedy Struck

In February 2018 I had a family member who fell very sick and being by their side made realize how precious life really is.  Through this ordeal they are facing with me by their side, I found a new perspective on my own life.  Living better means more to me now than ever before.

Finding True Ways to Be Healthy with Nutrition

Being there for my family member I have to prepare meals for them in a healthy fashion.  I am no dietitian to say the lease.  However, I started to learn how to prepare meals that would help improve one’s life.  Like many of you, I took to the internet to learn more about nutrition, and recipes. I have found too much information on nutrition and quite frankly, it made my head spin.  Being inundated with so much information, I had to find a way to make sense of it all.

A Proven Strategy

I changed up my strategy.  I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.  What I need is a proven strategy that worked for a large mass of people and from all walks of life.  On my Instagram account I follow a lot of people who workout and lose weight.  For one year I have followed several people closely because of the results they have shown over the course of the year.  What really amaze me was, how all the people associated with these people started to receive the same fantastic life changing results.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to discover what they are doing appears to be working with great lasting results.  Now, that’s what I am talking about.  Finally!  Something that makes sense.

New Beginnings

I know by now you are wondering what I found.  The suspense is there.  Unfortunately, I will have to keep the suspense going.   Why?  Its simple! I will log my current weight as of weighing myself this morning.  I will post my results in the next several weeks.



My goal is to drop ten pounds in the next thirty days following a new plan and regimen with the help of my new mentors.  Of course, the work has to come from me or I will not see the results.  Right?  I can’t expect you to do push-ups for me and I achieve the results of increase strength from your efforts.  Right?  So, with new guidance, I will attempt to lose ten pounds in thirty days.

I will post the results in thirty days from today!

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