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Struggling to get in shape is almost normal for me.  I realized that I am no spring chicken.   I have to learn all about good nutrition to successfully reach my weight loss and fitness goals.  I, like so many others, have tried a barrage of notions, potions, and diets.  One thing I realized is, you can lose weight with many of them if you focus on the principles and regiments correctly.  However, diets are not a long-term solution.  I mentioned this before, lifestyle change is a must for a long-term result.

Here Is What Did Not Work for Me

Last year I looked into the mirror and was not happy with my results.  I have worked out at the gym for several years and still looked the same.  I could not afford a coach, and from what I have read in the past about nutrition, I simply ignored.

I don’t believe I ever mentioned in my previous blogs before how I have loss seventy pound and gain it all back after catching pneumonia.  I was putting a beating on my body and not taking care of it properly through eating correctly.  Working out seven days a week including working full-time with massive amounts of over-time, I was not receiving adequate recovery and rest to properly recuperate.

What Is Working for Me Now

I no longer workout seven days, I workout four days a week and sometime three days a week.  I listen to my body more now.  I read more nutrition journals and try out more recipes for good health.  I experiment with different types of salads to keep it interesting to my palate.

I decide I wanted to learn more about food groups that gives you natural energy.  I also wanted to learn more about food groups that are good for healing.  See, I am getting older and for years I have not taken good care of my body.

Like so many other, I feel an intense need to make up for lost time, so to speak.  In reality you cannot actually make up for lost time.  Once time is spent, its gone and can never be retrieved again.  However, it can be viewed through our experiences, but never recaptured in the essence of practical use.

If I can pass anything along to you if you are trying to lose weight is this; learn all you can about yourself before you think about diets.  Learn your “WHY!”  Learn what make you happy, what makes sad or depress.  Learn your triggers to any binging that you may partake in.  Essentially, learn about YOU!  Then document all that you have learn about yourself.  This is critical to your transformation.

Setting Goals

I cannot stress how important it is to set your goals.  You must set several goals for your self and bench mark all that you achieve.  Setting goals is very critical to your mission and journey.  Can you imagine embarking on a journey without a destination?  It literally makes no sense to begin if you don’t know where you are going.

This was my down fall for thirty years.  I am embarrassed to admit that.  However, I had to learn how to set goals.  And, if you don’t know how to set goals.  I suggest you research that topic on the internet and you will find an enormous amount of information in regard to the topic.

You can also do as I did.  I purchased two fantastic books on setting goals which helped me immensely.  I recommend the books because of how it has not only help me set goals but achieve so much more through the act of setting goals.  The first book I have read is called Goal Setting by Thibaut Meurisse.

I don’t know where I got the notion setting goals was a gloomy and boring task.  But, that was my take on setting goas before reading Thibaut’s book.  Ready his book I learn how goal setting can be exciting, fun, and amazingly rewarding.  After reading Thibaut book, I found Brian Tracy’s book on setting goals to be life enriching as ever.

Setting goals can be your guiding post to a fantastic new journey to assist you in being more focused in reaching your desired results.  You can set a short goal for one week, two weeks, one month or even a popular short goal for ninety days.  Then branch out with a one-year goal, five-year goal, and even longer.

With goal setting, always document your weekly results as a bench mark to log progress or stagnation.  You will learn so much about yourself and how to polish the amazing you that you truly are.  We are at our best when we feel healthy and have a perfect balanced life to enjoy with purpose.

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