Are Your Workouts Boring?

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Working out should never be boring.  Do you find that you are getting board from doing the same routines in your workouts?  Perhaps, you may not be getting the results you seek after a long period of time.  It could be an indicator that you need to implement new exercises in your routine.

I talk from experience, I worked out for several years and only maintained my look and never received the results that I desired.  I changed some of my routines and started seeing results that made a world of a difference.  I am experiencing this today.  Results!!!

Try Something New

Whatever your goal is, your new routine can help facilitate your end results, to mention to spice things up and make your workouts more challenging and enjoyable.  Exercise outside of the gym with an exercise ball in your home or in the park if the weather is nice.


Resistant bands are a great way to work out anywhere, whether it be at work, home, park, or the gym. Resistant bands offer a flexibility to working out simple and the bands can store in your pocket, purse, or carry bag.

Keep your workouts fresh and challenging.  If you are not hurting, you not pushing yourself.  You should always feel a good workout.  If time is not a constraint, you can choose to find different places to enjoy your workouts.  Find local track field in your neighborhood and challenge yourself to see how many times you and run around the entire track.    For some people like myself, thought, because I frequent the gym and workout of the treadmill four days a week. Believed I could run around the track with ease and was sadly mistaken.  I had to build up to complete the entire track without stopping.  Running outside is a big difference running on the treadmill.

Mixing Exercises

Earlier I talked about switching your exercise routines up.  I want to mention here about mixing stamina exercises with strength exercises.  Building stamina is critical to achieving maximum results.  It allows us build up our core and facilitate our overall performance.  Thus, increasing strength and endurance.

This is easy to bench mark to see how well you are improving.  The amazing thing about this is, you start feeling the difference quickly, usually within just fourteen days to twenty-one days you see improvement.

Sharing Your Progress

Laughing girls.

As you start to see results, so would the people around you start to notice the amazing changes you are experiencing.  Your attitude changes, you start to build confidence.  As you get stronger and build endurance somethings become more enjoyable.  You may stop doing things is against your progress.  You become more in tune to eating healthier, engaging in more activities and enjoying life more abundantly.

I challenge you to challenge yourself in your workouts and in life.  You only have one life to live, why not live life with purpose on purpose.  Remember, it’s about living life to the fullest, mind, body, and spirit. As you live with all the flavors that life has to offer, don’t forget to inspire the people around with the compacity to have love and charity in your heart.

I believe in you and know you can achieve anything you put your mind and heart to.  So, start right now! It’s never too late to improve your life or follow your dreams.  Start building or repair your foundation of life right now!!!

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