I Am Giving UP!!!


This morning I awoke and realize something.  I have given up on several things that I am please about.  I have given up on many bad habits that I am proud to give up.  Had I not given up so many bad habits, I am sure I would not be writing this today.

There are things in our life that harms our health, keeps our finances from growing, or simply keeps us from reaching our optimal results and holds us back from what we may deem success.  When you take stock in yourself and assess your personal situation, I am sure you will find there is always room for improving and giving up on what is not working in your best interest.

That is why I am continuing giving up the things in my life that does not work for me and believe me I have plenty.  Ever since my sister fell sick and I became her care taker, I had a great deal of time to reflect on my own life and how I have been living it.  It’s a blessing to wake up every morning.  However, it’s a blessing to wake up every morning and sometimes we can take that for granted.  I have always prayed in the morning and at night and sometimes through the day.  Seeing how short life really is, I am giving up not recognizing that fact every morning.


I now awake giving thanks to my creator for another day and to use this day in extraordinary fashion with the time I was giving.  I awake with appreciation, knowing it’s a privilege to be here not take for granted.  I awake with a sense of gratitude in the hopes I can pass along a little inspiration with the capacity to uplift others throughout their day.

I want to encourage you today to take a little time and give up all the bad habits in your life and replace them with good ones.  It doesn’t matter what the bad is, just get rid of it and give it up.  Don’t dwell on what’s not working but focus on what will work better.  Appreciate the goodness in your life and lives of your love ones and friends.  Tell them you love them more and appreciate them.  Tell them how fortunate you are to have them in your life.

As always, I want to thank you for sharing your precious time reading my content and hope that it was a little inspirational to read.  More importantly, you will act upon the appreciate of all the good you have in your life.

Blogging here I have met some pretty awesome people and suspect the best is yet to come.  Please continue to post amazing content as we continue to grow and meet new and amazing individuals.

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