My Challenge To Lose Ten Pounds

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Do you think replacement drinks make a difference in one’s regiment of healthy eating?  I am testing the theory out.  For the next ninety days I will be taking a replacement meal along with three regular meals a day.   It’s a challenge because I have challenges staying on course.   My Achilles heel is chocolate cookies about two to three hours before I retire at night.

I was speaking with someone who suggested I try a shake called cookies ~n~ cream.  I have been on the shake since last Wednesday and have not craved chocolate cookies in the evening since I have been on the shake.  So, it’s already working in that aspect of my diet.

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It was also brought to my attention, that if I use the shakes three times a day can assist me in losing a half a pound a week.  Ok, I said all that to say this; I challenge myself to lose another ten pounds safely in ninety days.  I am currently 262.2lbs.  At the end of my ninety days I will be at 252lbs.  Me over all goal is to go down to 199lbls by this time next year.  I know I can do it, but I want to do it safe and maintain the lost for good.

My Dedication

It’s a change in lifestyle, dedication, discipline and a strong desire to succeed that will catapult me to the desired results I seek.  I will be the first to tell you I can talk a good game.  However, I have enough dedication to back that game up.  I am only human and know I may slip every now and then.  But, I will work on my habits until my new habits over take the bad ones.

Why This Blog

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I created this blog to log my journey.  You will get the good and the bad as I am transparent with all my failures and successes.  Hopefully, my journey will inspire others who struggle with losing weight and getting shape to kick it gear and start creating a healthier future for themselves.  It’s time!  Stop procrastinating!  Don’t say I will start tomorrow.  Do it right now!  Even if it’s for five minutes, or even two.  Do you love yourself enough to add more days to your life?

All you have to do is change something for the better every day, or better yet, replace all your bad habits with good habits.  You can apply that strategy in life, not only to losing weight or getting into shape.  Did you know, if you make small changes every day you would create a compound affect that will create a better lifestyle for yourself and those around you through inspiration.  That sounds like a win, win to me.

Let’s Talk

I want to hear from you.  What challenges in life you face?  Share how you have over come them.  We inspire each other and your solutions just might be the key to unlocking a challenge for someone else. Like always I want to thank you for sharing your precious time by reading this article to the end.



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