Know Your “Why”


0e4115388_1427378562_know-your-whyBefore you start any endeavor, there is a reason for what you are about to begin.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a well thought plan, or if it’s simply a spontaneous impulse.  There is always a reason.  What I have found out is, many people’s “why” if investigated deeply is different then they first indicated.

Example; when you ask some people why they want to lose weight, they normally say something like; so, I can be in better shape, or to look better in my clothes.  Everyone’s reason appears to be different when in reality can be they are more similar than you may think.  First reaction answers are only the by-product of the real reason.

Dig Deep for The Real Reason


Let’s think like a little kid for a moment.  You know how a kid would ask you a question and you give them an answer and then they say “why?” again, right?   You then, give them another answer and to their inquisitiveness, you spout another thought out and methodical answer, thereby, hoping to satisfy their curiosity.  Only to have them ask “why” again.

That is what we as adults must do to find the core reason of why we are in the arena of change.  What is the real reason you are in this new thing, new study, or gunning for that new promotion at work.  Why is losing weight right now so important to you?  What is the reason behind that new song lyrics that mean so much?  Why is having acceptance from other important?

Why Knowing You “why” Makes You Strong

By constantly drilling down to the actually reason why you are doing something.  You will be able to weather the storm when the chips are down and you start telling yourself, I can’t do this.  By tapping into the real reason why, it will help you fight fire with fire.  Your core reason will allow you to dig in deep and say to yourself, I will not be defeated by self-doubt, I will not be subdued by my limiting beliefs.  I will prevail!  I will over-come all obstacles in my way.

There is nothing that can stop me but me!!! If you believe in God, you can add; I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.  Christ came so that I can have life and live more abundantly.  I will live more abundantly starting right now!!!

Look in the mirror and say to yourself; It’s my time, I will stand tall and be bodacious, I will face all adversity in the face and be audacious.  I will no longer listen to the naysayers telling be what I can and cannot do.  I will follow my heart, mind, spirit, and ground myself in truth. I don’t care what others may think or say.  I am intelligent, witty, compassionate, loving, kind, and funny.  I will live up to my extraordinary potential in every way. So, behold, I am working on my new story that someday will be told.

Thanks so much for reading this post in it’s entirety.  I only hope that it was worth your precious time that you have share by reading.  My wish for you today is that you meet all expectations without limits.  Have a super fantastic day!

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