Living With Sleep Apnea

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I Remember when I use to live in Pennsylvania.  I was working as a contractor for a group of investors.  When one day I was working on a project with my son.  When it reached midafternoon, we went to lunch.  Upon returning on site I was looking for my tools and when we could not find them.  I thought I they had been stolen and started to worry.

I tried to calm myself and figure out what happened.  I tried to think, what was the last thing I had done before leaving the house.  I remembered telling my son I would meet him in the car and would be right out. After several minutes pondering with no answers in sight.  I called my wife frantic with the news that someone had stolen all my tools and I would not be able to finish the job.

My wife was the calm one and sent one of my older sons over to the house who said he will start from the top of the house and work his way down to the basement.  Well, it didn’t take him long to find the tools on the third floor.  I must have lugged all those tools up to the third floor just in case anyone was to break into the empty house while we were at lunch.

I was thrilled to know I was able to continue to finish the job.  However, I still could not remember placing the tools on the third floor and must have done so in record breaking time because my younger son said he didn’t see me do this either.  After that incident I noticed I was forgetting things to the point of arguing with others because I had firmly believed I either, I did something or I didn’t do something.


The Last Straw

One day my wife was cooking and realize she needed a particular ingredient.  I informed my I would go pick it up at the store for her and be right back.  Well a ten-minute run turned into thirty minutes because once I arrived at the store, I had become a little disoriented and did not know how I arrived at the store or couldn’t figure out why I was even there.

Luckily, my wife finally called me and asked what in the world was taken me so long.  I asked, why was I at the store? How did I get there?  And for what reason?  My son walked down to the store and we both drove home together, just in case I had any other relapses.  That was the final straw, my wife made an appointment to see the doctor and they sent me to a specialist and they performed a sleep study on me and I was diagnosed with severe apnea.   The doctor informed my wife and I that I stopped breathing thirty-eight times an hour.

On the Road to Recovery

Thankfully, my condition is treatable.  I was later fitted with a continuous positive airway pressure machine, better know as a cpap machine.  Life was good and I can get back to living without fear.   Although there is always an inherent risk of not waking one day but, I didn’t have the luxury of living in fear.  I wanted to stay positive.


A Turn for The Worse

While in Texas I decided to get checked again because I notice I was exhibiting the same symptoms and become extremely tired all the time.   There were several times I would fall asleep and stop lights, stop signs and so, forth.  I also would forget how to get home or how to use my own cell phone to sometimes call for help.

My wife and I quickly made an appointment to see the doctor.  The first time I took a sleep study test in Pennsylvania I was informed, I had stopped breathing thirty-eight times an hour.  The test I had taken in Texas, the doctor said my condition had worsened, and that I stopped breathing sixty-seven times an hour.

I remember asking the doctor, what could I do to make this better?  The doctor replied loose weight and start eating healthier.  Hearing all this was an initial shock to me because, I thought I had it all under control.  When in fact it was just the opposite, it was clearly out of control.  I was fitted with a new cpap machine and sent on my merry way.

A Little More History

As far back as I can remember, I always had respiratory problems, suffering with asthma and acute bronchitis.  To make matters worse, now sleep apnea.

Think Positive and Live Healthy

With all the asthma attacks I endure, along with the more frequent bouts with Pneumonia.  I decided to get more aggressive about being healthy.  I really enjoy working out and lifting weights.  However, I went all the way up to 305lbs which was my heaviest weight. I have been riding the weight roller-coaster for a long time.  What I found out, is weight gain is one of the side effects of sleep apnea.  If left unchecked, the weight gain can open the doors to other ailments and diseases.  So, it’s critical to maintain a healthy weight status.  Lately, I have dropped weight and I am maintaining that weight loss in a healthy fashion.

I have also changed my eating habits as well. I eat with good nutrition in mind.  Sleep apnea is a serious condition so many of us live with.  However, it does not define us, it doesn’t have to limit what we do.  If anything, let it empower you to become healthier and live a more vibrant life.


Like always, thanks for reading this post.  I wish for you to have a great day!


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