Small Changes I Made To Lose Weight


In an effort to live healthier, I am always reading about better ways to eat and prepare good food.  It’s been a while since I have eaten a burger which is my second favorite to munch on when I don’t feel like cooking.  The fast food junkie habits I have put behind me.  Since my sister fell ill I have to always come up with healthier ways to eat and have adapted the reasons to eat healthier for myself as wall.

Most of my favorite food was fried, fried burgers, fried chicken, bacon, and French fries just to name a few.  I have given up all fried foods and feel healthier because of it.  Well, I am sure it’s a combination of things, including working out that helps.  Nevertheless, it could be psychologically I feel that way, but I am sure it makes a difference in the long run.

I also use to wake in the morning and had to have one to three cups of coffee with a ton of hazelnut creamer.  After reading the label on the creamer, I decided I needed to start reading more labels of the things I ingest into my body.  I personally, had to stop due to the large amounts I would consume.   However, I am sure you can enjoy certain things in moderation.

Everyone who knows me, also knows that I love to eat chocolate cookies right before work or at night right before I go to bed.  I know, it’s such a terrible delicious habit.

My favorite chocolate cookies were from subway.  I had to have three chocolate cookies per day every day.  I had the nerve to wonder why I wasn’t losing any weight, right?  I know, that was insane.  WAIT!! You haven’t seen insane yet!

Each subway chocolate cookie has 220 calories.  Times that by three and you have 660 calories per serving.  Times that by twice a day and you have 1320 calories per day.

Subway Table per serving is below.  You can also check their nutrition chart as well.











Total Fat 10 g Potassium
Saturated 5 g Total Carbs
Polyunsaturated 0 g Dietary Fiber
Monounsaturated 0 g Sugars



Stay with me and watch the math, ok!   We are at 1320 per day and times 1320 by seven and you get 9,240 calories per week.  Let’s take that further.  Multiply 9,240 by 4 and you get 36,960 calories per month!  Let’s do one last calculation.  Multiply 36,960 by 12 months and you get 443,520 calories a year from just eating six chocolate cookies per day.  NOT THAT’S INSANE, RIGHT?


Small Changes I Have Made

Simple but healthier choice from fried chicken to broiled and baked.  I added to my diet more salads, chicken salads, tuna fish salads, and various types of salads to keeps the palate happy and intrigued.

Instead of drinking coffee in the morning, I started drinking decaffeinated tea instead.  I noticed something with this change as well.  I have developed a little more natural energy.  The teas that I drink are black tea and green tea with lemon.   It’s for some of its health benefits and well as the taste.

Instead of eating chocolate cookies twice a day.  I have incorporated fruit with a sweet flavor.   Although, it didn’t cure the absurd habit of eating cookies.  It helped a great deal but, at night I still craved something sweet even after eating fruit.  Then after speaking with a friend on Instagram, she mentioned trying a cookies-n-cream shake and it that has worked like you would not believe.  I am no longer craving cookies at all.

Essentially, in everything we do, if we want to do it well, we have to focus.  We must be dedicated.  I would like to hear from you, about some of your challenges.

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