I Am Finding Out What Works For Me


Since implementing replacement meal shakes into my daily regimen.  I have lost a total of six pound and four weeks.  I must admit, I never thought the shake that I take would also satisfy my sweet tooth as well.  That is huge for me.   In my last post you can see how eating cookies twice a day did more harm, than good over a course of one year.

When I set out to lose weight I knew it was going to be a road of ups and downs.  Not for one minute did I ever believe it would be easy.  I also knew It would take me a long time to get down to my desired weight, which is 190lbs.   It’s been a journey to say the least.  I have met with so many people who have given me great ideas, from how to exercise to what to eat.

One thing I learned through it all is, if you want to lose weight or do anything worth doing in life.  You have to fine out what works for you.  I never discount what others say, I generally try to learn from others who have been in my shoes and those who are specifically professionally trained in an area of their expertise.

Knowing all of that, you still have to find out what works for you.  I was 305lbs I have currently lost 45lbs and still have 70lbs to go.  This is doable for me because I see results that I am proud of right now.  For me, it’s about staying on course and not losing track of my goal.  Never become complacent, because that is how my weight ballooned out of control in the first place.

Is it easy?  No!  Is it worth it?  Yes!!! Without a shadow of a doubt, I am feeling better for having losing the small amount of weight that I have lost already.  Being obese opens the doors and invite so many health issues that only compound a bad situation.

If over time I gained all that weight, then over time I can lose it with a healthier way of living that will help maintain a healthier and longer life.

me sweating in red shirt My daily routine consists of workout with free weights and the machines for thirty minutes followed by the treadmill for thirty to forty-five minutes four days a week.   I realize I was starting to pack on too much muscle and gain weight rather lose weight.  I have now switch it up just to see what will happen.  I hit s the weights only twice a week and do more cardio and found out, the weight started to melt right off.  Hence, finding out what works for me.

Thanks for sharing your time with me today.   My hope is you will have a super fantastice productive day filled prosperity.


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