No Fluff Just Results!!!


Today I wanted to weigh myself for bench mark purposes.  Since, I have changed up my diet and added shakes three times a day.  I have been recording my weight and how I have progressed moved closer to my goal.  About 23 days ago I wanted to shake things up and accelerate my weight loss.  So, I had to think outside the box and take a chance on the advice of someone I have been watching on Instagram and conversing with.

You know how you made to where you at and then you hit a wall and are not seeing the results you want to see?  Right?  That’s when what you are doing is no longer working, then you have to switch it up to something that will work.  That’s exactly what I have done and the progress is now showing.

pic of weight
23 days ago
15 days ago
my weight
8 days ago
This is what I weighed today… Yes! Results.

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