How I Stay Motivated

In life there are so many things that may try to distract us from our goals, whatever they may be.  So, how to we press forward?  How do you in the storm of adversity stay positive and continue on the path you have set for yourself?

Things I Do to Stay Motivated When Desire to Move Forward Weakens.

Before I embarked on my journey, I had to ask myself “why”.  Why in the world do I want to lose weight? It sure wasn’t because I simply wanted to.  The underlying reason I wanted to lose weight wasn’t very simple.  It was a combination of several reasons; like, being heaving was causing more health issues, it became difficult to walk a few simple steps without becoming winded, it also became increasingly difficult to performed simple task, just to name a few.

I knew I was in for a fight physically and mentally.  Therefore, I had to make certain preparations as best as I could at the time to prepare my self for when things become difficult.  I associated pain with being fat.  I made it a habit to look in the mirror and dislike what I saw and then affirm how I will look when I am done fighting the battle of the bulge.  Mentally envisioning how I would look, how I would feel, and how important losing weight and developing healthy habits will be.

I then envisioned all the things I will try and do as a result of the weight loss.  When life gets me down because of circumstance I cannot control, I thank God for the good things in my life and the power he has over all good things that will come my way.

Then I go back to my “why”.  I look at all the reasons I written down at the beginning and compare it to how far I have come.  I recognize anything worth having sometimes you have to fight tooth and nail to get it.  Once you got it the battle is not over, you have to fight to maintain it.  However, it’s easier to maintain then it is to newly acquire.

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