Finding What Works, Makes All The Difference


Weight loss has been a roller – coaster ride for me for several years. However, with a little discipline, have finally found something that works for. I am keeping my weight down while losing slowly and keeping the weight off.

I have heard that 90% of what we do outside of the gym counts more than the ten percent of what we do inside the gym that will help obliterate those unwanted pounds, as well as maintain the weight loss too.

However, I have learned what is also a huge and need to have a percentage factored in with the numbers I have mentioned above, is our state of mind, before the weight loss, during losing weight, and while maintaining the weight that we have loss.

It’s no surprise, to see why so many of us have fallen into such a slump and letting our bodies go over a period of time.  For some it’s no being lazy that stops the, it’s just life and our perspective we choose to deliver to ourselves within life.

Sure, it’s important to make a living and take care of the bills and family.  Just as important, not more, is the fact that we must take care of our bodies and state of mind or we will not be able to continue to do the things we need to do for ourselves and family

What is important is balance.  We must find it equilibrium in our live to achieve all that we aspire to do in life and be able to inspire the people around us, while we enjoy all the fruits of that life has to offer.

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