Hard To Blog While I Study


Studying my insurance CE classes took a toll writing on my blog.  I have waited until the last minute, the last thirty days to study and realized I should have not have done that. Studying for long hours have left me to exhausted to write anything in my blog.  However, this is not a business or I would have had to find time for creating and informing.  My blog is merely my weight loss journey being logged.

I have to admit, I have not stopped working out.  Losing weight safely is a very important thing for me right now.  I was able to continue taking a break from studying for one hour and exercise which helped to break the monotonous routine of studying.

I have also noticed that I have been stuck at 253lbs pounds for two weeks and that was driving me crazy.  Perhaps is was the stress that was brought on by trying to beat the dead line for my license or simply something I was doing wrong or not.  It’s difficult to say.  I believe it’s time to shake up my exercise routine again, something I have done several times and it appears to work.

I will post what happens after changing up my exercise.  I have stopped with the weight training because I was I was building to much muscle and gaining weight instead of losing weight.  I will add light weight training and see what happens.

Do anyone have any Ideas on how to stay focussed on blogging while studying for test?  Please share what you do with me.  Thanks.


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