Motivated to Be Fit

Motivated to be fit.

I find it very challenging mentally at times to stay focus on some of my goals.  Even though I may enjoy the journey, there are times when the you experience a down side as well as an up side in every journey.  That’s just life and we all experience differently.  I guess, that is why life can be spicy, bitter, sweet, endearing, challenging, when trying something new scary and challenging.  There are a host of ideas and descriptions we can describe the journeys of life.

I wear my major thought on my T-shirt at times to keep me focused and to keep in mind why I am determined to make a difference in my life, in the hopes that my determination and good deeds might inspire others to become their better selves.

When I say I wear the idea of getting fit, I really mean it, literally! Motivated at the back of the shirt I started making my own shirts to help motivate myself as well as others.  Just like thinking positively is key to doing anything new and challenging.  Tell me what you think.  What do you do to say positive?  What rituals do you partake in?


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