Working Out While Battling Depression

IMG_20180830_175831Seeing good results in any endeavor is a great feeling.  Losing weight has always been a battle for me.  I have never been able to win that battle.  However, finally I am consistently winning the battle of losing weight.  So far, I have lost 65lbs.  This is huge for me.  It’s also AMAZING!!!  What has been the big change in my weight lost is the change of my diet.

Eating healthy is not just the key thing here.  I have severe sleep apnea and suffer with some of the side affects like gaining weight and waking up extremely tired every day.  I know getting adequate rest is also a huge factor in my quest to lose weight.

I have become very serious about what I eat daily.  I mainly drink water through out the day and when I don’t drink water, I will have a shake.  Outside of my shakes, I drink water.  I eat some fruit and eat a great deal of a variety of salads, opposed many of the starchy foods I was accustom to eating every day and was the chief culprit for me being overweight.

I also noticed when I was really deprived of sleep I would binge eat sweets as if my body was not getting the right amounts of nutrients, carbs, or better put the proper balance.  Having the proper balance is the key with the proper rest.  However, having health issues creates some challenges that one will have to work through like myself.  Just know it still can be done if you want it bad enough.

I have also learned with sleep apnea I have faced bouts with depression and didn’t realize I was.  I found out by trying to understand why I was feeling the way I was feeling.  There are times where I don’t want to do anything and there are times when I feel gun off and want to take on the world.

There were times I didn’t want to get out of the bed and chalked it up to being tired because I didn’t have the proper rest the previous night.  However, when I noticed that I was having this feeling more often, I wanted to take snap shot of my feelings.  What I mean by snap shot is, I wanted to document in my book next to my bed what I was feeling at that particular moment.

Over a thirty-day period I realize there were six days I was feeling depressed and expressed it through my morning thoughts and was able to capture those feelings on thoughts and analyze them over a period two months.  I am still learning and trying understand this as I am writing this.  I also realize my writing as suffered because of this issue.

When I look at how often I post and how often I post in my electronic journal too. I realized my depression was affecting the things I once enjoyed doing.  Depression is difficult to deal with and if we who experience this illness let go unchecked it can become so destructive in everything we do.

I voice my own struggles here in the hopes if anyone does read this post and are not aware of the subtle symptoms can see what I am experience may have a fighting chance to see something happening in their own life and address or seek help.

With a bout of depression, I find going to the gym helps me combat the illness as well.  I get to see I am making progress with my goals to lose weight.  I believe you have to find something in your life that you can go to and find some kind of enjoyment if only for a space of time to help you mold and foster a feeling of appreciation about yourself and what you are trying to accomplish.

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