Lost For Words

It’s been sometime since I have written in my blog.  Not for laziness, but a lack of something other than health to talk about.  Is it possible to get bored with your own content?  I wonder!  Suddenly, I find myself lost for words or anything relevant to discussed inform, or share.  It feels somewhat like conversation has just vanished.  I sort of feel like an artist staring at a blank canvas uninspired to paint the master piece hidden deep within the dungeons of creativity.

Life has stalled for me.  I just realized as I am typing this post I am at a cross roads.  Have you ever tried to start your car but, it just did not turn over?  It may have sounded like it was about to start but just appeared not to get the gas or some other mechanical issue prevented it from starting.   That is how my life feels.  I just came back home from assisting my sister in New York for eight months and now that I am home I am starting life all over again.

Hence, the cross roads I referred to earlier.  See, I have been a sales person, a contractor, and help desk technician for the past 28 years.  In the last month I have taken care of my sister and forgot all that I ever did in life.  Literally, for real!  I cannot remember any of the technical trouble shooting I performed nor, can I remember any of the professional sales techniques to get back in the game.  How is that possible?  I feel like a dinosaur. 

Time to learn new skills, but what should I learn to be of value to others and earn a decent living.  After all the bills keep mounting up and I feel like there is no time to waste.  My lost for words suddenly is replaced with a cry for help or to others, like some wasteful rant wasting space in the ether.

If you read this far, thanks and I wish you a fantastic day!

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