Mesquite Undeveloped Land

This is off of Cartwright in Mesquite, Texas

I have lived in Mesquite for five years now, and it has grown on me somewhat. I now envision what it would look like with added additions to my own neighborhood. Although I must be perfectly transparent here, I know nothing about real estate or it’s the industry. Nevertheless, there are some things for which I believe would benefit, if only someone had the vision, the tenacity, the incite, the finance, the boldness, and the influence to make things happen.  

I believe this to be off of Military Parkway in Mesquite, Texas.

My first order of business would be geared for the next generational kids and young adults. What I mean by that is, it would be great if someone used the undeveloped land to build a complex or building that can house a training facility for kids to learn real-world skills and be trained or receive help with their studies. Of course, since it will be a training facility, it can and should be able to assist older adults with guidance on new career training as well.

The kids of this generation can use a little more interaction and exercise. I believe there should be physical training, such as martial arts, gymnastics, and video interaction entertainment that gives them a learning experience as well as, a chance to exercise their muscles and get their blood circulating. This facility should give kids and young adults real experiences for career choices to help them make better career decisions for their future.

The learning environment should take on real scenarios that people face in the world today with full out-come interaction as if they were going through it at that moment. A facility that will also have a large auditorium with a professional stage for inspiring artist for all genres of music, acting, and poetry. This should also be a breeding ground for the young inspiring scientist and researchers of the future. There are so many kids in this day and time that don’t have a clue to what they would like to be in the future. Providing our kids and young adults with ground-breaking next gen thinking and training will be unheard of.

The developers and investors cannot do this out of the kindness of their hearts, they would need to see a constant return on their money spent. After all, this is a hefty investment package undertaking. So, what I suppose is to have this building be like a sort of mall atmosphere that provides a shopping and dining experience like no other. It should have a twelve-movie cinema that provides next level three-dimensional viewing experience that incorporates vibrational movement in the seats for certain viewing experiences. They should have a separate entrance for an aquarium of a next-generation viewing experience for families to enjoy and learn from.

I suppose a cashless atmosphere. This mall type experience should be next generation technology solely on facial recognition or some sort of card payment interaction where you swipe a card displaying a certain amount of credit and access area. The price tag for such an experience will soar into the high hundreds of millions of dollars. All this does not have to be in the same building but complex or campus. A series of complexes joined together which will make one insane experience for families learn and enjoy.

What area would be large enough to house such an astronomical goal with this magnitude? What group of investors would be willing to soar into such a project and make it happen? This will be a project where great minds from all walks of life, backgrounds, and experiences would have to come together for a common end goal in which can be agreed upon. My imagination is small by comparison. But I can dream, I can envision what it would look like right down to the lighting arrangement in the auditorium to the palm trees and waterfalls on the outskirts of the buildings.

There are so many undeveloped areas that can be put to good use. I am not naive to know there are many people who would punch holes into this dream on why it should not be. Again, I can dream.

Take my immediate area for an example. There is a large space of undeveloped land that was once considered by a large international company as a prime location for one of their facilities. However, it would have meant competition for the existing companies in the area which may have felt threatened.

The big surprise to me was, to hear how the people who lived in the neighborhood are the ones who lobbied against this well-known establishment possibly preventing the company from staking a claim to the undeveloped land. Subsequently, the deal fell through. I want to be clear here, I don’t know what the final decision was on why the deal did not work, but I sure wish it would have succeeded.

People have their own opinions and concerns and are free to voice them. We live in a country that makes that possible and I love it. What I find as sad is, people not willing to accept change out of fear.

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