The Power of Belief

“You do not believe what you see; you see what you already believe.”

Wayne Dyer.

I heard it called the law of belief and many times the power of belief.  I too, believe we can be at any point in life and have the ability to shape our futures, not by what we see is possible, but what we believe is possible for ourselves.  However, I have also learned in order to change our beliefs there are other considerations that we must also alter, tweak, change, or simply reconstruct from the ground up. 

Which are our attitudes, preconceived notions, habits, and even desires must all be aligned with what and how we will want to shape our future.  Ancient writings have said “as a man thinketh so is he”  This saying is not to be taken lightly because it is speaking of when we think about in a consistent fashion with feeling, conviction, compounded with the desires from the heart, mind and spirit, it will become a reality of our own within the laws of reality.

It has been written many years ago by a prominent person, “According to your faith, it will be done unto you.”  What you believe is powerful.  Again, it doesn’t matter where you are in life, what you have done in your past, Remember, as of right now you can change.  It’s never too early and never too late. Go for it right now.  I once heard that the richest place on earth is the grave yard.  That is where all the unrealized dreams, great inventions, iconic ideas died without having the opportunity to birth all because where those amazing ideas were conceived never were given the oxygen to breath and take on a life of their own.

Don’t let your ideas, aspirations, and dreams die in the waste lands of the unconceived.  The world need you to be brave and come forth with your ingenious inventions or ideas that can enhance the way we see or do things for the better.

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