The One Minute Thought

It’s Monday morning and I decided to turn over a new leaf and start a new chapter in my life.  So, I asked myself, “what is it I want to change or see manifest in my life?”  I know whatever it is, I have to be crystal clear about.  Its critical and success is predicated on my clarity.  Today, I will use a powerful method to obtain result that I seek once I decide on the direction I want to go in, and that’s goal setting.

I know one of the greatest assets we have as humans, is our ability to create the life-style we choose just by determining exactly what it is we want and be map out a plan to obtain those results.  I understand I will have to be persistent and not waiver.

Why the sudden change I want to make?  It’s simple!  Life is short and tomorrow is not promise to anyone of us.  I want make today to matter, today to count, I want to touch the lives of so many in a positive way with purpose on purpose.  I just experienced a loss of someone so close and dear to me, my sister who was very young and lost her battle to cancer thirty days ago.  I feel compel to live not only for myself but for her as a token of my love, appreciation and celebration of the life she has live.

Thanks for reading this morning thought.

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