I Won’t Let My Workouts be In Vain

I realize when I started working out, I want to see results that indicate my hard work is paying off.  That’s how I feel when I go to the gym.  I learned the hard way and know from the school of hard knocks that what works for someone else may not work for me.  Having said that, I make it a habit to listen to sound council and don’t be quick to debunk seasoned wisdom from someone who has been where I am and is now where I look forward to being. 

See, I have worked out in the gym for one hour in a half to two hours just having fun.  When I say fun, I don’t mean talking and watching dedicated individuals work hard.  I mean I enjoy putting my body through the rigorous, tedious and sometimes grueling workouts just to obtain results that will satisfy me.  I remember when I was so laser focused on doing everything right, I dropped sixty-one pound in 2018.

Since then, I have become distraught due to my sister’s illness and going back to work sitting for twelve hours a day.  I have gained 30 pounds back.  I know exactly why I gained that weight back.  It’s because I decided to give in to the desires of self-gratification by not eating right and indulging in more sweets than I care to divulge.   My sister has passed June 25th and I have to admit I have done nothing since then at all.  Yesterday, I decided to get back to the things of the living and back to what I started out doing that made my sister so proud.  Can you guess what that is? 

If you guessed taking care of myself, you are correct.  Today was my second day back in the gym and I know it takes thirty-one days to create a habit.  I have to create good habits and that includes eating healthy, because let’s face it, it is ninety percent of what you do outside of the gym that matters most. What I put in my body now will benefit me latter or hurt me later.  We have a choice to live healthy and increase our chances on living longer or don’t eat healthy and increase our chances of leaving this earth sooner than later.

The choice is yours.  What will you choose?

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