Being at the gym in helps change the mindset of the person who is really serious about changing their life in a healthy way.  You start wanting eat healthy, look healthy and more importantly, feel great.  Today was my third day at the gym and I realize how much I missed being in the gym and working out.  Its not all peaches and cream, it also is not for the weak hearted. However, it is for the determined at heart.  You have to know you will endure the pain, the soreness, and the sacrifices that one will have to make in order to reach your fitness goals.

For the past four three days I resolved to myself that I will focus on changing my lifestyle and eat healthier.  Yes!   It is easier said than doing.  However, I have been down this road before and it makes it easier for me to deal with it mentally.  But for new-comers who plan on dropping heavy weight, don’t go on a diet.  Instead, change your lifestyle so it will last life time.  This way your health fitness journey becomes your life long commit for yourself. 

If you are reading this and plan on losing weight ask your self why? Drill this question to the core reason you want to lose weight.  Is it too look good in your clothes, to feel good?  Whatever reason you come up with.  Then ask yourself why?  Why is it so important to you? Answer that question and then ask why one more time.  You must know the core reason why is so important for you.  This will ensure when you are at your lowest point and want to quit, it will be your core reason that will pull you up by your boot straps and say kick it into gears LET’S GO!!!

As always, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this post.  Best wishes and prosperity to you and your family.

This was a good day!
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