Small Beginnings

What an incredible workout today.  Nothing long, just thirty minutes on various machines and thirty minutes on the treadmill.  I don’t have a routine yet but by next week I will have a routine down where I would workout on certain body parts on particular days.  This is just to give muscle groups a chance to recoup.

Working out again feels good on one hand and hurts like no body’s business on the other hand.  Despite of the pain, you feel good when you finished the workout.  You gain more energy, you become more agile if you incorporate stretching in your workouts.  The older you get stretching becomes vital to all workouts.  Everyone can benefit from stretching from young to old. 

Today I was able to burn 421 calories and I went a little further in distance 1.7 miles where yester I believe I clocked 1.6 miles. Ha, ha, I know, not much of a difference but it’s a start.

As always thanks for reading.  You have blessed day!

Anything is possible when you are focuesed on results.

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