Today was a challenge getting to the gym.  Once I start holding a conversation with someone at home in the morning it throws me off. Then, I almost don’t want to go to the gym but instead, I rather put time and energy in something that may or may not add stress to my day. 

Today was the fifth day at the gym and it was pivotal and crucial to make it there.  Why?  Today is Friday and it closes out the week and solidify your previous hard work.  It also sets the tone for Saturday and Sunday to finish strong and prepare for the next week.

It’s not only a physical battle but more of a mental battle you have with yourself to create the transformation or change you seek.  This not just to lose weight, but with life in general. 

I have to admit it’s not easy as the people you see on Youtube, Instagram, or even Facebook.  It is hard work and sacrifice like no other.  But then again, nothing worth having always comes easy. You have to prepare your self to work smart and hard, but most of all, you have to really ready to change your life.

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