I have a New Lease on Life!

I realize I have a new lease on life and I get to choose what I do with that lease.  I have the choice of making it count or squander the opportunity away.  I once heard “that time is a commodity”, it is a valuable asset for all of us.  It matters what we do with the time we are given. 

So many of us, myself included, get caught up in the regiments of daily routines that sometimes we neglect how important time really is.  Time is critical!  What we choose to react to and do right now will shape our future selves.  So, wouldn’t it be advantageous of us to be strategic with time right now so we can benefit from our actions in the future?

In the beginning of the previous paragraph I indicated I have a new lease on life.  If you awoke today, so do you.  We all do that are here today, have a new lease on life.  Question! What is worth doing today that will produce the greatest benefits for your future self? 

Don’t answer that too quickly because your answer and actions are critical.  They will shape what you do and how you interact with yourself and others from here on out.  How you answer today will lay the ground work for the preparations that will need to be implemented to achieve maximum results for your future self.

Catch twenty-two, tomorrow is not guaranteed!  That is why time is so critical right now! You must make the little moments memorable and count so that nothing is wasted, squandered, or neglected.  Hold your self to be true with the highest standards, integrity, and character that will not only benefit yourself but others you come in contact with.  As you are blessed with time on this earth you will become a beacon for others to emulate your actions and model themselves to be better individuals.

As always, I want to thank you for reading my post and wish you a wonderful day!

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