One Talent I Rarely Speak Of

I came across this yesterday and it was funny because this is when I actually had hair on my head. My, how things can change within a couple of years. Now just imagine it you were focused on changing something in your life, what you could achieve. It’s no secret I love music, and it’s no secret to the people who know me I love poetry.

I use to go to poetry meeting and enter competitions and win some and lose some. However, what was awesome about that was the people who came up to you at the end of the shows and even months passed would contact you and say your poetry resonated With them. That is an awesome feeling.

Look at me rambling on. Hey, I just wanted to share with you another talent I possesed that does not get much light of day any longer. By the way all the music I created as well as the poetry. I hope you like it. Please play my personal favorite, “Love at First Sight”.

As always, thanks for reading the ramlings of a man. My wish is for you to prosper and have a wonderful weekend.

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