This Too Shall Pass

I often struggle to write something these days because I want to write something with real value that can not only improve myself as a writer but will enhance the lives of the people who may come across my blog.  Yesterday as I was working out, it dawned on me, no matter what hits me in life.  I still go back to the gym and workout and try to lose weight and get in shape.

I may get knocked down, but I continue to get back up and fight to make a difference in the lives of my family and all those I come in contact with when I am out and about.  Have you ever had something that just knocked you off your feet or rattled your beliefs at its core?

What do you do when that happens? Who do you consult with?  Or perhaps, are you one of those individuals who handle things internally and don’t seek outside help?  Internally handling alone is what I use to do.  However, over time I have realize it’s always good to share your thoughts with someone on the outside looking in with a different perspective. 

For example; you may feel there is no way you can get through a particular problem without going to extreme measures and at that moment it appears there is only one answer which could be drastic or maybe even fatal.    However, by letting someone in and sharing with them what you are feeling at that moment they may be able to shed a different light on your situation allowing you not only to calm down but realize you can possibly get through the ordeal after all. 

Time goes by and you look back at that same situation with disbelief at how you felt and acted.  You can’t believe you were going to extremes.  You also feel a debt of gratitude for the person you shared your thoughts with who opened your eyes and allow you to see light when you were in a very dark place. 

The point here is, no matter what you may be going through in life, no matter how bad you feel, or how much you are hurting.  Remember this, with time, this too shall pass. 

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