Never Quit!

With all that I am going through these past months I am still trying to stay focused on my goals.  With the loss of my sister in July, it feels like it was yesterday and then my wife who suffered a major heart attack just two weeks ago, which left her with her heart working only 25%.  I realize I have to take care of myself even more so now, than ever before. 

I have to be relentless to get myself together and continue reaching to improve my health, mind, and spirit.  Yes, spirit.  I believe in order to improve one self, you have to improve in all areas of your life so you can obtain a balance that will allow you to live a fulling life.

I fall short in all categories; however, I believe I can achieve optimum health, an increase in spiritual awareness, improve my relationships, finance, and all areas in my life no matter what life throws at me. Why?  Because we have the ability to do so as human beings.  We have a choice!  We can sit and wallow in self-pity when things are not going the way we plan, or change direction, alter our direction, change lanes so to speak and bring in focus the reality we seek.

What are some of your challenges?  What have you over-come?  Please share with me.  Like always, thanks for reading my entry and my wish for you is to have a wonderful day and fantastic week.  

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