My First Day Back in The Gym

Yesterday, I entered the gym for the first time in months.  With all the weight I have gain and balloon up to 290lbs, getting started was the hardest thing.  The pain I felt in my legs to not having the ability to bend down and tie my shoe laces comfortably made is such a task to just get started on my first day back in the gym.  I remember why I always love going to the gym, and that is to see all the people who are heavier than I am working out extremely hard to eradicate the extra weight off their bodies.

The Set back

I have to be perfectly candid here and provide little transparency.  Once my sister had passed away, I let myself go to the tune of gaining over 40lbs in just under six months.  The grieving part is something I guess we all have to go through or experience, and we all grieve in different ways and at different times.  Don’t get me wrong I have lost family members before and some the year before my sister has passed away.  However, something happened I have never expected.  It was like part of myself was suddenly no longer there.  For a moment, I myself didn’t think of my own welfare.  It was as though I was going through the motions and existing but not living, if that makes any sense to you.

The Awakening

I think I am done grieving and want to get back to taking care of myself the best way I can.  I awoke today with a renewed purpose and decided it’s time to get back to the living.  The first thing I realize I have to do is set some goals.  You cannot take a trip without knowing where you are going first.  So, I must set a goal and set a course in order to set sail.  I want to make a goal that would be challenging, but yet, obtainable.

The first thing I realize in setting a goal, you have to start with the end in mind.  What do I mean by that?  Simple!  My first goal I am setting is my weight goal.  I will envision how I want to look after I have lost 80lbs. Losing eighty pounds will put me at two-hundred pounds.  I have not seen that weight since I was in my twenties, which is many moons ago.  There are many ways to losing weight, however, I will not reinvent the wheel, but I will lose the weight on my own terms and in my own way.  I will start small by choosing to drop five pounds in two weeks.  What I am looking for is a base from which to scale from safely.  If you think about it, it’s only ten pounds a month and two in half pounds a week.

I am getting ready for my second day. By writing this blog about my journey. It allows me to build up anticipation of going to the gym and prepare to fight the bulge.  I write this to motivate myself.  Yes, I write for me and too me.  However, if you are inspired in anyway, well, that is just a bonus.

 I will try my best to post my journey so that you can inject your self into the wonderful and challenging world of my life. 

Thank you so much for taking time out to read my post.  I wish you have a blessed and wonderful day.

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