I Survived My Second Day at the Gym!

I can’t believe it, I actually survived what would be an all-out war in the battle of the bulge. You heard it heard here first. I will let you in and give you front side seats to my journey to lose a whopping 80lbs. Losing this weight and gaining through life’s ups and downs had not left me for dead. I am still fighting and will continue to do so until I reach my goal. I was well on my way and then tragedy struck, I lost my sister to her battle with cancer in July 2019.

I can honestly say, going to the gym working out really feels good.  Leaving the gym after you have finished a great workout leaves with a great sense of accomplishment and a good feeling about yourself.  Sometimes, you don’t want to go but, once you get in there seeing everyone else working out you start to kick it in gear and get to work.  It is almost everyone is there for a common goal, well, I guess we are. 

I was happy to get in there and sweat it out and come home and eat my salad and realize, I have to go shopping and stack up on a couple of things so that I can stay on track.  I also will be picking up some of my favorite shakes that I love so much and one of the reasons I was able to lose all the weight in the first place.  For now, I will work on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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