Knocked Down, But Not Out

There is nothing as powerful as the will do or have the burning desire to achieve something you have made up your mind to accomplish.  Although, at times we may forget or perhaps, may not pay close attention to it as we should, which may have us slip every now and then.  But that burning desire puts up right back on track to finish a thing for which we may seek.

My sister meant the world to me and when she passed away it was like part of my soul and heart was taken away.  Therefore, for a little while I let my self go and thus gained a great deal of weight.  But I guess I am coming to a close of my grieving process and starting to care about my goals again and get back on track. 

I know my sister Lucia will always be with me.  However, I still shed a tear or two when I am driving thinking about her. The burning desire to drop 80 to 100lbs is about me getting to a point I want to reach.  My grieving for my sister has knocked me down.  I realize now it is time to get back up and dust myself off and get back into the game call life.

Getting back into the gym and getting healthy is what it is all about.  Sure, it has taken me six months to wake up.  The point is, I am back at and did not quit.  I am only human and obesity has been my fight for some time now and guess what?  I am going to win!!!  Two-hundred pounds here I come!!!

Yesterday treadmill run is something I really enjoy. However, I don’t know how long I can continue because of the pain in my knees. So, I only do thirty minutes now instead of a hour.

This was my run from the second day back at the gym. 1/24/2020

This is my the treadmill results for today. Not much difference. 1/25/2020

One thing I did not post was my starting weight, which was 185lbs. I weighed myself today and noticed I have lost four pounds in just three days.  I won’t get happy at that because water retention can fluctuate your weight.  But it’s still good to see improvement and will motivated me to continue.

I notice four pounds down. This is a good thing.

I want to thank you so much for reading my post and I wish you and your family a great day! 

I created this shirt for myself. I know, it’s cheezy. But hey, it works for me! Check out the one below too.
I loved it so much I created several for myself.
The red is my favorite. But this is my second favorite.

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