Suffering From Writer’s Block?

Blogging about the life of a weight Loser.  Yes, staying motivated to do what must be done is challenging.  So, what gives?  How do you blog when you don’t want too?  Finding the motivation to blog when the feeling is non-existent can be difficult to say the lease. 

Finding topics to talk about when you don’t have the desire too.  I just came from the gym and I am completely drained and really don’t want to talk about anything.  You don’t have to be a person losing weight.  I am sure there are people who blog about several topics that sometimes find it challenging at times.

Things to help you to find inspiration and set the stage for you to create your master piece for others read.  Some people look through periodicals, some take drives, some read poetry, some watch movies.  My personal favorite is listening to music.  However, there are times when these rituals may not produce results.  That’s when you should look inside and find what might be interfering with your creativity.

When I see that I maybe suffering from writer’s blog I tried looking with in and write down all the things I am grateful for.  Then, I look a little deeper to see if there are some underlying issues I may not want to come to the surface or perhaps I am ignoring for one reason or another. 

Usually, I come up with one thing that may cause me to be loose some creative juices.  I tackle that one thing and get back to what matter’s the most.  A little transparency here, sometimes that don’t work.

When in doubt, I have to take a few days and experience something new or meet someone new who just might be the key to that new idea I was looking for.  Personally, writer’s block is words we used to label the inability to be creative and produce something new and fresh for our readers. 

As always, thanks for reading my post.  You are AWESOME! No, I really mean it, you are Amazing!

Thanks again.

In the gym burning that fat!!! Who wants to join me?

I know that is nothing to you pro’s out there. But for me that is amazing and it’s only going to get better from here if it’s God’s will.

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