Facing My Fear

There comes a time in everyone’s life where their face with their own acknowledgment of self or reckoning.  Where the gauntlet has come down on them and it is time to fight or flight.  This is the time to see exactly what you are made of.  Will you stand and fight for what you believe in, or will you crumble like a cookie being broken up and discarded?

Who are you?  What are you made of?  What stock are you made from?  Can you overcome and surmount your difficulties?  It really doesn’t matter where you came from or what color and origin you are from.  What matters is the here and now and what you are going to do from this point in your life moving forward.

If your situation looks bleak right now, don’t worry, it’s only temporary.  You have the ability to change your circumstances, your life, your future from this point on.  It’s your choice to do the very thing you were born to do.  Rise to the occasion and charter your destiny.  If you fear the unknown, do it anyway.

Let fear drive and push you forward, not backward.  The great thing about fear is, it is a powerful emotion that catapults you to failure lightning fast or facilitates your elevation to new and great heights in life.  But the awesome thing about you is, you get to be in control of fear and have the opportunity to drive in one direction or the other, failure or greatness.  You have the ultimate decision to choose how fear will work for you.  

I want to take this time out and say thank your for reading my post. So, why fear. I wrote that post to myself. this is how I have to talk to myself and kick me in gear. Some people talk to themselves, I write to myself.

If you gained anything from this internal conversation I had with myself I am happy you did. Because I know I did.

Have a great day!

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