Morning Motivation

This morning I awoke and said my prayers and then envisioned how I wanted to look in twelve months.  I created this habit to make sure that I keep the end result in mind.  I focus on it several times a day and especially, right before I eat and go to the gym. This small habit ensures that I stay laser focused on the goal.

I replaced this goal with the bad habit goal I previously had.  Getting up sitting on the couch and turn the tv on and space out.  Now, I get up with the end goal in mind and keep myself busy with creative, and positive activities to facilitate a positive out-come in the future.

What are your goals that you will want to achieve?  Do you have the end in mind?  What activities will you change to help create the out-come you desire?  Become goal oriented and keep the end in mind and it will help you keep focus on the positive results you seek. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule and reading my post.  I wish you a wonderful and productive day!

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